Animation problem with new key being held but playing previous animation and a idle animation glitch

1/2 problem
So im making a top down game, the animating is going alright but lets say im moving down, the MoveDown animation is played which is what i want, but once i hold onto a new key, MoveLeft, as well as the old key, the MoveDown animation is being played but is moving right.

What i want to happen is for the animation to be played for which direction im moving no matter if the previous key is being held down or not.

2/2 problem
theres a weird glitch with the idle animation that when i engage the up or down button at the same time as the left or right button the sprite moves up or down with the idle animation being played.

I have only used gdevelop for a week now and tried making a game for 2 so i might not understand any abbreviations or terminology used.


Since this is your 1st week i can understand why you went with forces

Don’t if you do not need to

My suggestion is to go with top down behavior
Then go to extensions and type in search bar remap
Install remap controls extension and now go to your player behaviors and add topdown behavior and remap for topdown

Now in remap for topdown you can set your keys like any keys you want

And now you go into events sheet and you change your animation depending on which key is pressed
While you are free to add conditions to restrict to change animation to something if some combination of keys are pressed

And at the end you set up animations for which to set if key was released
Fore example S key was released set animation to idle down

This is best way i found managing animations
Force is something you use if you really need to but not as your 1st choice
In both topdown behavior an remap bejhavior for topdown you want to disable rotate object

Now go build your events

And here is how it works if you care to try it out

So ive done everything that youve said beforehand, install remap extension and top down, i dont think i was using forces before but ive redone it so its just wasd and those keys change the animation to which key is being pressed

Ive got the same exact issue as before, ive still got the jittery diagonal movement and still have the idle animation being played when for e.g both w and d are pressed at the same time it doesnt play any animation and still when i press d first and s second, the moveRight animation is still playing even though im moving down.

Ive probably misunderstood everything that youve said but yeah i havent gotten anywhere.

so ive got everything to work with whats in the ss below but cant fix the jittery diagonal movement, its as if when i engage the diagonal movement its trying to move left and up extremely fast, could it be something to do with the acceleration and deceleration within the topdown extension? i did change each value to 2000 which could be too high

omfg i feel like an idiot, i just fixed the diagonal movement jitter by changing my max fps rate which for some reason was min and max set to 30? idk why, changed min to 30 and max to 0 (so unlimited) and its absolutely fine. Thanks for the suggestions and help zero <3

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You can’t be more away from being idiot than you are if you found solution yourself

Also idk if that is the case since i did not create new project in like almost a year
But i think when you do create one NOW there are some templates or set options that are set by default
So maybe you did not change it but it was like this from beginning
IDK what is the truth i just guess
Anyway only thing that matters is that you fixed it by finding something most ppl would not even consider to check
You should be proud of yourself

Cheers man appreciate it <3

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