Animation Scale Issue

I faced this issue when i put 4 frames in the animation. Even i did not click the loop option, when preview the the animation still go through frame 1 to frame 4 and stops at frame 4. Everytime it goes through each frame it decrease the ratio in half. Let say the 1st frame ratio is 1:1, the 2nd frame ratio is 0.5:0.5, the 3rd frame ratio is 0.25:0.25 Etc. so when i click the loop option, the animation will play from frame 1 to 4 with the image being reduced half each time, when going back to 1st frame again, it reset the ratio to 1:1.

*All image are the same size, same resolution.
*There are no event involving the sprite.
*Tried to change the origin/center point, not working

Anyone know what caused this?

Are you sure the images have the same size?, if it isn’t the problem you can send me the project (with resources) in a PM so I can debug it :slight_smile:

I think trying different method to export the image in photoshop solved the issue. Just some weird problems from photoshop