Animation Sword Attack

Hello guys, here I am again to ask for your help I state that alone I can not conclude these steps that I miss.

First I wanted to create a character that attacks the enemies with the sword with a key.

Now the thing that is not clear to me is that I have to put code?

I’m attaching a video of what I want to do as an animation.

Is it possible to achieve with gdevelop?

If possible attach screen because the steps explained are really difficult to understand with a translator.

Thank you, in advance at all.

Not sure what do you want, but here is an example :slight_smile: : (7.94 KB)
There are two scenes, the first one uses a rectangle sprite as the sword hitbox following the player sword through a point. The second scene uses two points in the sprite, this way I can track the sword angle too, I could track the sword size (distance between the points) but is not necessary here as the sword size is constant.

As always, you’re a big thanks a lot after this will not miss a quote on the credits page of the game although I do not know yet how long it takes to create it.

Exported to json: (10.9 KB)

:exclamation: I think it’s obvious, but of course you can’t use the sprites for commercial projects :laughing: