Animation that executes when two buttons pressed, is not working

I have this issue that two button pressed (A and W), it should show a character running and pointing his weapon up. Like in Contra. But the result ends up being the animation of just pressing W, which is when character is idle is pressing W; which is frozen.

Related screenshots

This is the code. “JuoksuYL” is the animation that should play and it plays the animation of “YlosSeis”

CORRECTION! It displays the animation but doesn’t play it.

Hello? Why is no one helping me?

When you have 3rd condition from botom
W key is pressed
You set animation to yolsseis
Below you have sub action if A key is pressed to set animation to juksuyl

What is happening while you press W and A
You are still pressing W so parent event should take priority over sub event

And that is not the way to do it
You should make 3 separate events
W key is pressed

W key is pressed
A key is pressed

W key is pressed
D key is pressed

And now on each of these events you set up your animations and moves in their actions