Animations aren't playing correctly

For my game I want to use pre rendered images of 3d models kind of like in the New Super Mario games, but when I preview the game some of the animations are missing a lot of frames, I don’t know if Gdevelop simply can’t play these animations or if I did something wrong with the events

I am also use animations i rendered with blender,
And it works pretty well.

How big are your rendered pngs?
How many frames are you using?

Also use trigger once for animation changes.

Using trigger once seems to fix the animations, but now when I move while jumping it only plays the walking animations.

Also the pngs are 400x400 pixels and the the animations have around 8 to 18 frames

its because your events are setup like this.
your direction key press animation changes need trigger once too, and they also need to check if player is on floor.

but the best way to handle this is to have a variable that manages the states the player is in.
so you use conditions to change the states.
then you use the states to change the animation.

Ah ok, I understand , it seems to be working now. Thank you very much for your help!