Animations laging on their first rendering [SOLVED]

Good evening :smile:

I am currently dealing with 2 game characters…

(each of them consisting of 2 objects -

Object1: in wich the sprite animations are stored

Object2: a top-down movement object that offers support for the sprite keepers)

Whenever the scene begins and the characters start to interact with one another there is always going to take a delay of a few micro-seconds whenever an animation plays for the first time …

but after that 1 time they move as smooth as they were intended.

I also need to mention that the character sprites are having the resolution of
3840*2160 px (each).(my theory is this could have something to do with my problem ).

I am wondering if anyone might have an idea in wich this unpleasing rendering delay might be avoided by using any Gdevelop setting, event, etc.

                         (Thank you for your time)

That’s some very needlessly large sprites indeed.
Why not try with smaller ones and compare? :wink:
Could be some sort of buffer loading. If that’s the case, I guess you could somehow preload them by triggering the animations (with the objects hidden or out of scene).

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Thank you !
I apreciate the help :blush:

Jesus Christ, where are you planning to project that game screen?

On the Moon? :exploding_head:

I take it your computer is running off a small nuclear plant?

My entire game screen is about 1/100th of one of your sprites !