Animations order

Maybe the possibility to change animation’s order would be usefull.

[spoiler]I’m testing a scene where you have two animations (instead of flipping), many animations and some suits, if I would like to add a new suit I could’n, because the code is a function of animation position:
Suit numbers: 1 (military), 2 (casual) and 3 (sas)
Animation numbers: 1 (stand), 2 (reload) and 3(shoot)

If mouse is at right and Animation % 2 = 0: (mouse is at right but animation is flipped) ........Animation = (Animation number)*(Suit number)*2 If mouse is at right and Animation % 2 != 0: (mouse is at left but animation is not flipped) ........Animation = (Animation number)*(Suit number)*2 +1
Animation order should be: military-stand-1, military-stand-2, casual-stand-1, casual-stand-2, sas-stand-1, sas-stand-2, military-reload-1, etc.

Odd example, I know :frowning: , If you don’t understand it don’t worry, only care about the first sentence[/spoiler]

I would like that works for someone else or I will to find even more bizarre ways to make it to work :neutral_face: