So, i have some frame by frame animated characters, my question is how do i make the animation smooth, because if im adding all the characters frame and then loop the animation it looks kinda raw and laggy.thx a lot

Change the animation speed.
Don’t smooth the pictures.

Done that, still looks kinda rough, that’s all i can get? :smiley:

It’s enough (If the animation speed is suitable for your specific set of frames, then it will look perfect).

At wich speed are you setting the animation?

0.15 or something like that, do you have any suggestion?

I’m no expert on animations, but I do have two general thoughts:

  • Regarding animation speed, how many frames do you need to have play per second for it to look smooth? Maybe .15 seconds is still too slow? .15 seconds is 6.66667 frames per second. How many frames are in your animation, and how many seconds do you think it should take to complete the entire set? I suspect that, among other things, the fact that you have such a weird frame rate might possibly contribute to the animation looking choppy/laggy. For example, if you have 6 frames, maybe just try to do six frames per second, 1/6 = .1667 seconds per frame. Maybe you should loop through the animation 2x in a second? Then it would be .0833 seconds per animation. Again, all these examples assume six frames of animation.

  • If you’re trying to go for professional looking animation, you might want to go for 24fps or 30fps (but that implies you provide a lot of frames of animation, and also, might not be achieved on all devices).

  • if your animations look rough, it may also be be that the images that comprise the animation may need some refinement. Framerate won’t matter if the quality of the animation is low.