Another "game" in the same window?

is there any way to load another “game” in the same window (as export html5)? I dont mean go to next/another scene. If I insert an action to open an url it alway opened in a new window/tab.

To explain a little more: I try to create tutorials and graphic novels with GDevelope (yeah, I think there are many more things we can do than only games). Therefore I want to split longer stories/tutorials in different chapters.
I did a first single chapter with a navigation through some scenes (also with an index-popup inside) this was no problem and works well. But now I have this problem to comine all to a “book”.
maybe it could be also a cool thing to make tutorials this way for GDevelopers :wink:


Well, you can use JS events to change document.location…

hmmm, I am not a programmer (graphic-designer) can you explain it with an example?

Here you go: … Google.rar

Wow, so simple - greate!
Thank you very much!