Any issues with exporting to iOS?

Hello, I just finished my first published game with GDevelop! It was a breeze getting it onto the Google Play Store (link below). I’m planning on submitting it to the Apple App Store next which I know can be a doozy. I couldn’t find any recent posts this topic, but I read a few posts from a while back that people had black screen issues when using the Cordova export option for iOS. I’m not sure if those issue have been resolved.

I need to borrow a Mac laptop to export the iOS version. So before I go down the rabbit hole, I just wanted to check if anyone has been able to publish their GDevelop games running successfully on iOS devices and if there are any hurdles that aren’t brought up in the How to Wiki.

Here is the game on Google Play:

And here it is on Gujo Adventure: Mission Mars Rocket by Luki Lab

Thank you!

The major hurdle is the $100 annual fee. :grin:

Thanks for the reply Gruk! I was able to get the Cordova build to successfully run on iOS without a black screen. Yay!

However, I ran into a new issue that I don’t think I’ve seen get brought up: The touch inputs don’t seem to be working on iOS devices :frowning: . I also tested the HTML5 build and the touch controls don’t work on my iOS devices there either. However, the touch controls do work on Android phones, so it’s quite the conundrum.

I’m simply using the “Touch or Left Mouse Button Is Down” condition. Is there something else I should be using?

Thank you!

Nope, that’s the right condition.
Maybe you should try other games made with GDevelop, to confirm on which end the issue might be. Here’s one: La course de Noël by Gamernew

Thanks Gruk! Sorry it’s been a while. I was on vacation, but I found out what the problem was! The iOS device I was using to test was an iPad so all I needed to was replace “Is mobile device” with “Device has a touch screen” and that did the trick!

However, I ran into a new issue. I’m getting frame drops whenever I tap the screen on my iPad screen. This does not happen on my Android devices. I can live with it, but it does make the game feel a bit janky. The game runs smooth otherwise when I’m not tapping the screen.

Also, I learned the hard way that iOS doesn’t like .ogg format for sound files. It wasn’t hard to fix but it took me a while to find out why my sound files weren’t playing. Once I figured it out I batch converted everything to .mp3 then did a search and replaced in the event sheet replacing “.ogg” with “.mp3” and it worked! Just throwing it out there in case anyone runs into the same issue when making games for iOS.

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