Any Part of the Grid

I want to make a Tileset that reacts when ANY tile touches an object. Is this possible?

You need a second image to use as mask collision. This image must be larger than the object, and occupy the same position.

GDevelop tileset not allow many effects, just change the width / height and offset.

You need a second hidden layer of tilesets to show / hide, if you want some kind of visual effect.

Download link:

Is not possible to just use the mask collision detection?:

Object collides with TileMap (collision mask) ==> Do something

EDIT: (172 KB)

Of course, but only if the object is above the tileset.

I used ‘Basic Platformer’ example, where the player object is moved by ‘PlatformerObject’ Behaviour and the sprite object is not above the tileset.

Then you need to use a second image as collision mask.

EDIT: If the sprite had used Physics Behaviour to move, GDevelop detects the collision without being over the tileset.