Any tips to organize events layout better?

My events tab gets really messy when adding more and more events.

Do you have any advice or small tip to make the layout less disorienting?

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Use groups and comments.
Take a look at some example projects to see how things can be cleaned up.


Thanks for answering.

I noticed on some of the example projects that there were some blue labels with nested events inside them.

What exactly were those?

Oh, those are the groups. I thought that you mean the object ones.

My bad

Another option is to put complex logic inside behaviors/functions.

You will still have to add the custom events to your main event sheets, but it’s cleaner and you can use the groups and comments with those as well.

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This way of functions seems really efficient.

Though I get an error on the sentence in Events Sheet Input.
My syntax seems to be wrong

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Can you post some screenshots of your events and from the function?

It could be that an object parameter wasn’t correctly defined.

It works.
The problem was that I was putting the parameter name instead of the parameter reference.

The behavior functions really make the code tidy. Thanks for the advice!

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you could use external events
take a look

Do external events run on the same loop as the scene I’m adding them?

They run on any scene that you link them to, as long as they’ve been associated with at least one scene. You can use them in combination with functions too.