Any tutorials for Character Creation Menu?

Hello there, i’m really new to gdevelop I was wondering if Gdevelop is powerful enough to have a “create a character menu”. How do I made buttons that triggers the sprite change and how do I make that custom character playable? Is there any tutorials I can follow? Thanks, also I already did all the sprites and each animation for different hair, colors etc.

I would think so,

you would need to just set the condition to switch to each set of new sprite
you can assign that sprite to be set to a Variable, then save that Var and use that to tell the system what sprite to use.

the short answer is yes I would assume that it would work.

this might be a good start as I know it helped me learn the basics.

But with changing sprites I would use the in collision with event as I have used this with a kind of Mario effect where the character gets bigger.

A lot more experienced users may be able to help you future

Thanks, also how can I make for example the hair colors change without it changing the style? Will I need multiple buttons for it?

You can use one button and each time it changes a value, by 1, then each value has a different color, it all depends on how you would like to do it.

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For color changes, you could use sprite effects, color replace would work. Instead of changing sprites, you’d be changing the target color.

EDIT: you can also use color map if you want to change a whole color scheme, for example