Any way to access save files of your game on android?

I’m making a mobile game. I searched about the save system on gdevelop, and learned that there are 2 save systems: storage and file system. Storage is available on all platforms but it saves the files on a web storage which you can’t access directly. And file system, whilst lets you access the saves, isn’t available on mobile phones.

Is there an alternative, or any way I can access the saves on android without having to root the device? My game will be very progression focused and if the players can’t even access the saves then theres no point for me in making an android version, but at the same time the game’s being made specifically for mobile phones in mind so I’m just stuck here :sob:

And to the wonderful devs of GDevelop: Thank you for creating this amazing versatile tool. Even with its (few) limitations, the fact that I can do all I wanna do without having to learn coding is a miracle in itself, and I’m surprised by how long it took for me to find this engine.

I don’t think asking for more from people who already do so much work for free is a good deed, but I’d still love to know if the file system(or something similar) will ever be implemented for android platforms. Would be really glad if you answered, thanks!


I’m having the same issue. GDevelop’s limitations seem to be all mobile-related for some reason, which is odd considering how easy it is to use GDevelop itself on a phone.

I just spent a week working on a personal project (an app for my job) only to discover I can’t use it because it needs to be able to save files and it needs to be on my phone.

If you find a solution, give us a heads-up. I’ll do the same if I find one first.

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