Any way to add FXAA or SMAA?

HI! im triying to make smooth my sprites when change the windows size is any way to add and AA to the game?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

All images in the library have an option “antialisasing” : this provide a blur effect when sprite are streched. You can disable/enable it directly in images bank, or in mosaic object. I asked few months ago for an evolution to support AA and anisotropy filter… Hope this will be available one day, but basically, since the engine is 2D, it’s not really necessary… My point was on particles extension.

Thx for the reply! but for some reason this just seems to make worse my sprites, but this is only an issue when i resize the screen, im still looking for a solution :stuck_out_tongue:

There are several ways, depending on the resize option :

If your images objects are native (wich means 1px in the source image = 1 px on the scene), the antialiasing will work. If you resize the whole windows/scene with this option, you’ll have a blurry effect (wich i detest !). If you resize without it, your game can have a great pixel style.

If you want to resize and keep the ratio 1:1 for your objects, you have to play with camera zoom.