Any way to make the background transparent?

Hey, i’m new to the forums, and i was just wondering, how can i make the background transparent? like outcore, for example, in the scene where you try to destroy the computer, it uses sprites on a completely transparent background to make the cracks on the screen look, um… somewhat… realistic, as realistic as pixels could be. i want to know how to make that, so maybe i can make a desktop companion, idk. please, if there’s ANY way to do that, could you tell me please? I would really appreciate it.

So… In GDevelop you work in “Layers”, its at the bottom of the editor, each “Layer” dosent have a background, they are all transparent.

The only background thats solid, is the layer that sits at the very bottom, you can change the color of that one to what ever you feel like or leave it blank.

The screen thing your talking about, thats done by making a “Layer” over the one your game takes place.

Its kinda like if you ever did tracing of a picture as a kid, you put the transparent paper on top of the picture and then you doodle on it.

Layers work the same way, its also how you do the Interface for your game, with health bars and such.

You have a “Base Layer” where the game takes part and where the camera moves to keep up with your character and then you have a diferent layer on top of that one, that dosent move, with all your health bars and things like that.

You can also put sprites and effects on it, to create the illusion of a breaking monitor like what your talking about :slight_smile:

Hope that helped!

In short… look up how to use Layers in GDevelop, thats what your looking for!

thanks for the help! but unfortunately, im an idiot so i have no idea what you mean by place a layer over the one the game takes place in.

Give me 30mins and ill show you with a quick video :slight_smile:

oh, ok! thank you! that will help a lot seeing the demonstration, instead of just reading it.

Its cool, no worries, its uploading now, will post in a couple mins!


oops my finger slipped

Here you go, hope this helps!

Let me know if something is not clear.

thanks! ill watch it now.

okay i cant lie your game looks COOL! such good art.

Its mostly stuff i found on the net for free.

The main character and the tiles i made myself along with some small stuff :slight_smile:

Thanks tho!

More importantly, did that make sense to you? do you get what a layer is now?

yeah, understand it now. by the way i had a snoop around in your channel videos and found even more tutorials for gdevelop, since i’m still learning to use gdevelop, the tutorials might be useful, like the inventory tutorial. that’s one i’ll probably need for my sandbox game. i’ll stick around.

Dont make a big and complicated game to begin with like a sandbox game, its a cool idea but it wont be very productive or helpful for you right now.

Make a simple game with all the basics, dont aim to high, just aim to make it work properly, then you can start adding on more complex concepts as you go.

If you try to make something too complicated straight away youll just end up giving up because everything seems too much, make something small and youll enjoy every bit of it and learn faster :slight_smile:

Good luck on your games!

And check the official GDevelop YouTube channel for much better tutorials then what i do… i tend to just ramble on and make dev logs :slight_smile:

well, thats why i never say that im actually going to finish a game anymore, i have a huge problem with not finishing things, especially games, but i still try anyway. i may not be able to finish some games, but i can still try!

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