Anyone else having this problem?

[size=150]SO…this is my problem…the game seems to be deleting my player object about 30-45 seconds into the game…I can’t seem to find the cause for it…I thought it was the player score thing I had recently added…but I removed that…and now it is still doing it…I thought it may have been a problem with gdevelop so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it…However…its still doing it there as well…so is anyone else having this problem?[/size]

So, send us your project file (in a zip with all the images) so that we can find the cause.
And please, stop writing with a bigger font and don’t assume too quick that it’s a bug from GDevelop…

Or if the code is short, just post up a screenshot of it. It sounds like quite an easy problem to fix. :slight_smile:

Figured out what it was… The coding was wrong … copied too many lines…thanks for the help though :smiley: