Anyway to change the random p2p Id's?

Any way to change the random p2p Id;s that get generated when connnecting to games? For mobile it is quite hard to manually type out the ID without copying, the only way I see a way around this is to send the Id through a messaging app and paste it that way but the Id changes with every game so it becomes quite annoying. I know that running your own local broker server or something allows for you to change it but Ive got no clue how to code the Id part into the server, any help is appreciated!

How good is your javascript?

I know about as much as my dog does when it comes to javascript :joy: . I do understand a little bit about the code from other languages but where am i supposed to put the code? In my cmd thing? or just a notepad

Unfortunately, it’s not just a matter of putting it somewhere, you need to understand what it does, then edit it to get the behavior you’re looking for, and only then you can insert it in javascript block events (big plus button on top), and then… probably do some black magic to make the thing work. :smile:

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Okay so I put the java code into my p2p, changed a few numbers and it generated a smaller code which was awesome but I wasnt able to get the 2 clients to connect to each other

Just the black magic left, then!
Sorry, can’t help with js. :man_shrugging: