API for native games (Steam, GameJolt, GooglePlayGames)

I think that native games posted on Steam and/or GameJolt should have API support so you can earn achievements on your account. RPG Maker already has GameJolt API support. Maybe there should also be support for Google Play Games API for games exported to mobile. This isn’t a feature yet, but I’ll bet it would be great.
Maybe some other forms of API can work too, such as Newgrounds and Kongregate API support, like Stencyl has for HTMl5 games.
Come to think of it, does Itch.io have API support?

What do you guys think? Should there be new actions for API?


I had to agree to this old post.

It would help a lot to give the GDevelop Games a more professional look, using the APIs of the game stores.

I tried to get Steam Achievements running, but failed. Another user tried to help, but currently has to work on another project. :robot::disappointed_relieved:
Steam Achievements are crucial to the conversion rates on Steam, like some indie developers found out. :man_student::woman_student:

So I want to bring this Feature Request back on the plate for GDevelop and our current GDev Game :space_invader: and want to ask:
Is there somebody how is able to solve such a task? (and want to do it :sparkling_heart: )

Stay funky,
OniGiri ~

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Gamejolt api is already on my list of extensions to make, after the multiplayer extension (actually, already began and pretty much done, but I just need to create all the gdevelop actions and they take sooooo long to create and I am lazy).
And no, itch.io hasn’t got any api (not totally true, but the api of itch.io is ONLY for authentication). I think there is already an extension for Kongregate.

My opinion is, for everything but steam, it is possible to do it through extensions. Just wait a bit, it wont be long untill there are all supported :wink: