APK File consistently crashing


In short my game is crashing consistently when playing through the APK file on android. It doesn’t ever crash on my pc and when I test through a preview over Wifi/Lan on my mobile is doesn’t crash, doesn’t have any errors.

I can load my game, play a full round (win or not) and then if I play again during the same play session it crashes (freezes and then shuts off). It hasn’t crash on the first playthrough in a session ever yet, but it almost 100% crashes on the second playthrough. This is just on the APK file, testing on a few phones but only 1 consistently. It’s weird I can play through wifi/lan with no issues ever and even through a web build on my phone, and no issues.

My game has A Main menu, selection screen, and the battle/gamemode screen (this is just one small scene). I’ve optimized the game for mobile it hopes it would stop crashing but no luck.

I’m at a lost of what to check/look for?

any help is greatly appreciated

Do you have any extensions installed?

I do! here’s a list, could they cause problems?

I had an experience with the text to speech extension causing my apks to crash so it’s a possibility but I’ve also used most of these extensions with no issues before.

Do any errors show on the chrome dev tools console when previewing your game on the PC?

I’ll try removing that extension and see if it helps!

No errors with the dev tool console while testing on PC.I did get a missing “shootersythnwave.mp3” error when testing through wifi/lan early on but that’s been fix.

I’ll try removing the extension tomorrow and let you know what happens, thank you!

Edit: realize I don’t have the text speech extension :joy: