APK for android not working

Hello. Is there anyone who is making an android game and is in an advanced stage? These last few days most of the APKs I have exported from different stages of the process have stopped working (not only the new APKs exported but also the old ones that worked correctly before). Only very old APKs (from last year) work but they take too long to load (from 30 seconds now they take almost 5 minutes to load). This has happened to me on at least 3 different cell phones.
This has happened to me suddenly and as I mentioned, the APKs from the beginning of the year that were working don’t work either.
From what I understand the problem is that it is loading the resources very slowly, and that’s why I ask if someone has a project with several resources to load to see if exporting it as APK for android works normally as before.
In the APKs I’ve exported last year, the initial load starts at a certain speed (in the loading bar) and then the load speed gets progressively slower… so projects that don’t have a lot of resources wouldn’t make any difference. The more resources, the loading time increases exponentially until it exceeds the time limit and throws an error. It should be clarified that in what I have exported since the beginning of the year, it did not show the loading bar in the APK since before, even though it is configured to show it, but until now the game started anyway after it loaded the resources.

Sorry to come back to this, but I’m worried that I can’t get the exported APK to work for Android, and my game is targeting the mobile world. The drawback is that the loading of resources is progressively slower and for this reason it never manages to load everything in projects with many resources (before, resources were loaded linearly). I’m beginning to believe that the problem is some android security patch that now limits the massive loading of resources (perhaps due to some possible android vulnerability). It doesn’t make sense that it suddenly stops working on all the cell phones that I’ve tried APK that worked before.
Is there any difference in the result between the default build of Gdevelop for android and the one that can be done manually?