App crash because of sound files

Hello, it’s me again, sorry…been facing lot of weird problems lately, so my new problem is the preview stops working…i opened the console and found out this

the weird thing it acts fine and then suddenly this thing happens…i was trying to create an universal switch for my sounds like this and started facing this issues. Does anyone know what’s the deal here, thanks for your patience!

You seem to be having a problem with KO_censored3.wav. Try to replace with another file.
Is this linked to your admob issue? The filename rings a bell.

Delete the file and reimport it.
Your PC cannot read this file because another file use it.
If you don’t know which one, restart your PC and retry to launch the preview.

well it was happening with some other file, checked the console turned it to mp3 and tried everything again, now its this file. Should I be turning everything to mp3? that doesnt seem like a solution tho. Is it because how i`m doing the universal switch thing? because it never happened before. Also no, not related to admob.

I did, the only solution I came up with this turning to mp3, let`s see gotta dive in more