App not installed

hey guys ive exported the apk file and put on to my phone but it just keeps saying app not installed when i try to install it ? any idea why

and ive also done it this way with more games from here and it works every time just for some reason it wont install this one


I’ve got memory and everything else is done like accepting unknown sources etc… I got 5 games that I made here on my mobile this one just won’t install and I’ve tried installing it twice with 2 different apk I exported but when I export it to Windows it works perfect just not on my mobile


Yeah I’ve read them and tried it all but it’s still saying app not installed

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I get the application not installed and I’m just out at moment for a few hours so will send the apk to you when I’m back


But I defiantly don’t think it’s my phone as I’ve done it the same way with the other 5 games that I have created and all of them installed and I even tried to install them again and it worked perfect it’s just this one game that won’t install


Not sure what that is lol I’m new to this but I’ve just made the game and exported it as the android and then I put the apk on my phone and installed it on phone its worked for the other 5 just not this one and I have done it the same way as the others


Im having the same issue now.

My games were installing just fine. But now when I click on the apk, then ‘install’, it tries for a minute, then gives “App not installed” (that’s all the message says).

I’ve tried a couple builds over the past couple days, and they keep showing this error.


i have the same says app not installed.seems like it is a bug.please fix it.thank you

I can say all is ok for me.

Well.not for me l.i tried on different phones, other people phones and it won’t install.