App Store Connect screenshot requirements

Hi, folks. I’ve hit a wall in App Store Connect with regard to screenshot requirements. I’m contemplating the slightly insane option of buying a refurbished iPhone X to take 6.5" screenshots. (The Xcode simulator is too slow, and I could use it as my everyday device.) My question is, can I buy the base model X and upscale the screenshots to the correct size, or do I have to buy a more expensive XS Max? The base model has a lower resolution but the same aspect ratio. By the same token, is it acceptable that I took 5.5" screenshots on my 6s and upscaled those? It’s hard to tell what Apple is going to be anal about, and I’m hesitant to ask them directly.
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Unfortunately, asking them directly is what you need to do as we cannot give you guidance on store policies. Separately, I strongly recommend you don’t attempt to sidestep policy or requirements, else you’ll likely get your account banned.

I’m betting they’ll recommend you just run it in an iOS emulator of some kind and take screenschots appropriately.

If you use xCode try this

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