Appearance of another object instead of the character

was doing something of a power, that changes the animations of the character, for that I have created a new object that is a new player or player-like sprite, I have made the hitbox collide with the power, the player and the object disappear and create the new player in the X.0 and Y.0 position of the hitbox but the object is not created, is there a way to fix it or that my player has other sprite parts of walking, jumping.

I wanna make sure I understand your question.
So, you want your initial character to change to another player sprite you’ve created and put it in the same hitbox when colliding with an object ?

Yes, but I did the events and the new sprite does not appear

First of all i think its your order of events. Can i get screenshots


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I dont think “poder1” is an object because it has no thumbnail also “andycaballero”
Try Using the exact name

I don’t know whether you’ve solved it or not, but I made you two examples of different teleportation methods.

The first is where you can always switch between players when colliding with a certain object :

The second is probably what you’re looking for, the initial player got deleted upon colliding with the chosen object and create another sprite of player:

Hope it helps.