Apple Store telling me I have an IDFA in my Gdevelop App

The Apple store isn’t letting me submit my app cause it says I have an advertising number in the app.
But I haven’t put advertising in this app.
How can I remove it?

Make sure the AdMob application ID is empty in the project settings (otherwise GD will add to the exported files the info to install the admob plugin automatically).
Also, if you’re using cordova, check the console information while adding the ios platform, if it installs a plugin it will tell :slight_smile:

I can’t help much more, no mac, no iOS phone, no apple developer key, sorry :frowning:

I think after putting ads in once and then removing them it keeps the ad functionality.
It’s hard to see in the cordova console if it is adding the ads.

It’s almost like I’m going to have to just learn how to program :stuck_out_tongue: