Are hidden buttons clickable?

I have a scene with a platform, a player and a button that simulates the “Jump Key”. When I press the button the player jumps.

Also I hide the button after the first touch. Thats it.

Now if I click on the hidden/invisible Button my player still jumps. Doesn’t hiding a button disable its ability to be touched/clicked?

Am I missing something? Thanks.

no. hiding a button doesn’t disable its ability to be touched/clicked. that is just its visiblity for the player.


Ok, so the touch/click has to be a sub event to some higher event like a variable value or collision etc. Merely hiding the button doesnt do the trick. Thanks much.

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there is a condition “object is visible/hidden” or something similar. may be add that will help.

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Under the “Cursor is on Button” event, add another condition

Button is Visible

(it’s called “Visibility of an object” in the list)