Are there and statements in GDevelop?

So I wanna add a statement that says: when player falling speed = 0 AND left and right arrow keys not pressed: change animation to idle.

Is there any way to make that work?


From what I understand the “and” is implied and it should work just like you wrote it. But if you search “and” in the conditions you will find an and condition too.

For logic conditionals and literals:

  • All conditions in the same condition box are treated as “AND”.
  • If you are using an “OR” statement condition (in the advanced conditions section), you can join multiple conditions together using the “AND” statement condition.
  • This “AND” condition is EXCLUSIVELY for use within the OR statement. You should not use it in any other scenario or outside of an OR statement.

Additionally, while there is an “ALWAYS” condition, all events are already evaluated every frame, and using the Always condition is visual only at best, and bloats your exported code at worst.