Are there any plans to add the ability to Gdevelop to export to desktop platforms natively(locally) without needing to use Electron, etc.?

I was wondering if this was something that might be in the works because I don’t really understand why you would have a game development application that is focused on providing a codingless experience and then force the user to either have to make an account to use a service provided via the web to build the actual installer or force the user to somehow magically just know how to use Electron, node.js, npm, yarn, etc.

If the whole idea is to avoid having to code and to be as begginer friendly as possible than shouldn’t the process be a little more streamlined than telling people “Yeah just use Electron” when 90% of the time most of the people who were probably attracted to Gdevelop in the first place most likely don’t have a clue as to what Electron is, nevermind anything else.

I also realize that Gdevelop is not first and foremost a desktop platform oriented tool either but like I said in the title, I’m curious as to if there are any plans to change the whole “lol just use Electron” thing.

Well I couldn’t understand you fully but the experience is codingless. Starting from making the game to publishing. Where do you need to use Electron?

ScreenShot_20190531190244To export and build as an installer, simply click the build icon on the top-left of the screen, after opening the project. Then choose your platform. It builds the package automatically for you :slight_smile:

First of all, it is not the developers fault the technology stack do require coding and require a build service to target desktop and mobile platforms.

Second, hosting the build service probably do cost more money for the developer than he is making from subscriptions, so you are free to thank him for hosting it and maintain it so you can target desktop and mobile without coding or require to install and configure CLI tools on your machine.

You can use the build service, if you don’t want to, nobody force you but then you do need to install the same CLI tools the build service uses and configure it your self. Again, it is not the developer fault how it works and it is already documented how to do it on the home page of the tools, it is not the focus of GDevelop to teach you how to use and configure these tools, they have their own home page.

Finally, if you would do a little research you would find NW.js which allow you to package your HTML5 games for desktop as easily as copy your game in to a folder and run:

Yes, it would be possible to ship NW.js with GDevelop and allow you to export to desktop with a click of a button, you are free to request this feature and have a discussion about the benefits without questioning what is the point of making GDevelop.

Instead of complaining and question why things are the way they are, do your research and try to remember you are using a free and open software and the developer of GDevelop doesn’t owe you anything so try to appreciate the work his done for free. :blush:


@Nilarjun Thank you for your reply. I do know you can build it via the online method, I was just curious as to whether or not anything was planned for the same process to be done locally.


First of all, I never said it was the developers “fault”. I said I didn’t understand why you would have a program designed around creating a game without having to use code and then expect people to go thru some process outside of the program itself (provided you don’t want to/can’t use the online service for whatever reason) where you then have to somehow magically know how to use Electron, etc. But if this is how it has to work then this is how it has to work I guess. And I base that on what you’re saying as I have no idea if it truly does have to be this way.

Secondly, I’m not sure where I said anything about the developer hosting the build service or subscriptions. You seem to have jumped to the conclusion that since I simply asked the question as to whether or not such a feature might be in the works and happened to mention the fact that I don’t understand why it has to be built online outside of the program itself, you somehow took that as me being ungrateful. Perhaps reread the original post as I said nothing like that nor did I imply it. If anything, I was questioning whether or not the developer needs to provide such a service at all if such a thing could be done locally from Gdevelop itself.

Third, yes I gathered that if I don’t want to use the build service then I would have to install the CLI tools and configure it myself, hence why I asked the question “Is such a feature in the works?”, hence the point of this thread. Again, I never said it was the fault of the develop in any way. And I’m really not sure why you feel the need to state that it’s not Gdevelop’s focus to teach how to use these tools as… again, I was asking the question “Is such a feature in the works at all?”. This is why I chose to put this thread in the “Feature requests” section, strangely enough.

I am aware of NW.js, I was aware of it before I made this thread. I still don’t see the point of and certainly don’t appreciate your rather rude assumptions such as I’m somehow making this out to be a “fault” of the developer. I questioned the idea behind why Gdevelop doesn’t provide the option to simply build the game locally, nothing more. I’m not sure where you got that I was “questioning what is the point of making Gdevelop”. I think Gdevelop is great and I made this post in the hopes of finding out if the feature I inquired about may be in any future version. That is it. There’s really no need to be so hostile towards someone asking a question.

Finally, once again, you are the one assuming I am complaining. I was sharing my opinion as to this particular feature (or lack of), nothing more. If I said something that irked you well… too bad I guess because I am entitled to ask questions without having someone jump down my throat and accuse me of complaining or being told to go “do your research”.

Now you understand. It is the way the technology stack works, there is nothing the developer can do about it except ask you to install and configure the necessary tools on your machine but it is not the focus of GDevelop to teach you how to do that so the developer made, host and maintain the build service for your convenience.

Hope it is answer your question and you can enjoy now what GDevelop has to offer :smiley: