Asset not importing correctly

the blankey asset from the asset store was working the past 2 days until i tried to make a small edit to the animation with Piskel and that didn’t work and then the entire asset was broken and wouldn’t load the animation at all in either of my scenes(the level and the end scene, even though i only edited it in the end scene and their named different things) even after deleting it and getting a new one from the asset store as seen here:

I’m new to this so I’m not really sure how i broke it. the asset works when i import it in a different project it’s only this one that’s the issue. I don’t know if theirs like a way to reset it since it broke from me trying to edit it? as i said I’ve tried deleting it and I’ve tried restarting my laptop. it’s been like this since yesterday I’ve made a lot of progress with this game it would suck to have to start over. what did i do wrong, how do i fix it and how to i prevent this from happening again?