Assign Action for the Android Back Button


Forgive me if this is a silly question, but how do you assign an action to the default back button on the phone.

The problem I’m facing is, I have a few scenes that progress one after another. And while the user would expect tapping the back button on the phone to take them to the previous scene, it currently exits the game.

Any suggestions would be suggested.

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i don’t think it is possible. I think you can only check sensors. Maybe with JavaScript. Bouh did an extensión to show keyboard on Android


We can’t acces to back, home, and multi task buttons in GD. sur if we call something from android like keyboard, back button will close keyboard, because it’s the behavior by default on android.
Extension keyboard is still in review and debug, it’s not yet accessible.

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Thank you for the quick replies, both of you. That at least puts a lot of Google searching and documentation surfing to rest.

Since the back button is not accessible, I at least wish there were functions to screen pin and unpin the app. Do any of you think this would be possible to achieve with a bit of JavaScript?

If yes would you please help with the script also. :slight_smile: