Attack animation help

hello guys so i just binded a key to my attack animation but my attack animation is stuck at 1 frame and if you guys want will i give my project to see if you guys can do it or not?

Thanks if you do
also i will credit you in my game :slight_smile:

Did you use a “Trigger once while true” condition when checking the key press that set the attack animation?

no i will try to do it and see if it works

it doesnt work now what will i do

If you provide a screen shot of the events so far, then we can see what’s going on.

here you go

did you saw

Does the animation attack show and then disappear very quickly, and get replaced by another animation?

If so, add the trigger once to each of the conditions you already have. You only want to set a particular animation once to let it play through. Otherwise, the actions will fire and reset to frist frame every time the conditions are met.

Also, do you have more than one player object on the scene? If not, you don’t need the “Repeat for each instance of player”

will i just give my project. and yes it does disappear very quickly

also if you can pls add the damage that the sword is doing to enemy and i am giving my project also fix this issue also

and how do i export my project

No, this is something you can do and learn from.

ok so what will i do

As I explained :

as this is the most likely solution to the issue.

what are the conditions. sorry i dont understand english that well

and how will i do that

The conditions are the tests or checks made, and appear in the left hand boxes of the events. You have player is not moving and player is jumping as some conditions.

You’ve already added a “trigger once while true” to the f key is pressed condition. Now you just need to add a “Trigger once while true” to the other conditions :