Attack animation only plays fisrt frame

Hi, i have these 3 animations:
1 - Idle
2 - Punch 01
3 - Punch 02

When I press A, the "punch_01 plays and it returns to “idle” after finished, but this animation has 2 frames and it only plays the first one before it returns to “idle”

How do i make it to play all frames of the animation? Something is stopping the animation.

Screen shot of events please

It occurs that i solved the problem: i added the fisrt frame of the “idle” animation in the last frame of every attack animation.

It shouldn’t be like that but i got this workarround trick.

…Thats great​:+1::+1:

For other users stumbling over this post:
What probably happened is that he switched to the idle animation using the animation finished condition, Wich probably is true when the current frame is the last. So he added a dummy last frame so that the real last frame isn’t counted as the frame on Wich to switch back to idle animation.