Attack combo system

hi everyone

im trying to code a attack combo system that goes from attack 1 to 3 at the moment its just 2…

for context i created a variable called attacking(number variable)

what im trying to achieve is this, when the mouse button is pressed, then do attack one

and if its pressed again do attack 2 and so on…

also if the mouse is not pressed quick enough after attack one is done then return to idle

and if it is pressed quick enough then do attack 2 and after attack 2 is done return to idle

Firstly, ease up on the “Trigger once” conditions. Use them sparingly, and only when needed. Only use them if the condition prevails over a number of game frames and you only want the actions performed once.

For example, mouse button is pressed is one it could be used for. But if you check a variable value and then change that variable value so it won’t meet the condition again, then a “Trigger once” isn’t needed.

I’ve given your attack combo a revamp. Here’s what a more streamlined version:

thanks for the reply i actually got it working