Audio and Image Extensions

Hi, yesterday I was putting sounds and music from my game and I realized that GD can play multiple audio files. Would it be possible to add .m4a files?

If there is no way, would it be possible to add a converter, so that the audios we put in automatically convert to the ideal audio for GD?

some references:

Same for image files like .gif, support for this file would be welcome!

I think this makes sense, although audio conversion may be a bit of a problem just due to decoding codecs could involve licensing concerns.

As far as GIF files, this is already supported to an extent. Open Piskel, choose the import option, and select a .GIF image. It’ll split it into .png for you and create all of the frames into the animation.

As far as formats, preferred audio formats from both a quality and licensing perspective is .ogg (specifically Ogg Vorbis) and .acc.

.m4a is an Apple extension and is very unlikely to be supported due to some of the licensing Apple puts around decoding and encoding it. It’s just a wrapper for aac audio in most cases, too.


Audio conversion could help with standardization, as I see many use .wav files that are huge, this would help improve the final build size. As for the .gif I had already noticed, but when I made this request I didn’t even remember the piskel!

No worries, I still think there’s some good options that could help.

For audio, I think something that converts to ogg (or aac) would be super useful for standardization, at least at export. I think the biggest issue is finding a library that is maintained and compatible.

Audioconverter.js may fit, but hasn’t been updated in nearly a decade. Audiojs seems to just decode the source files for web-audio, which could again run into licensing issues.

FFmpeg.js seems to be a demo project, also not updated in years.

That’s not to say these things couldn’t be adopted, I just wanted to add context incase any of the devs/contributors take a look.


Thanks Silver-Streak , hope this can be implemented in the future.

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