Audio and music loop points

Hey, could you add looping points to audio/music, allowing for the music to start at the beginning, but loop from a different point, (i know how to do it cheaply but im just saying it would be very helpful of a feature)


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Hello DesmonDev!
Thank you for your message.
In order to understand the context in which you’re requesting this topic (which help us to back the feature with use cases), can you please add why are you requesting this feature?
What kind of audio/music you want to loop and under which circumstances?

imagine a song that has a intro, you want to loop this song, but the song doesnt loop from start to end cause of the intro that started it, so this would allow you to set a different point for it to loop from so you can loop it infinity without the songs intro/build up being included, the same is done in most nintendo games. (note that the music doesnt start at the starting loop point, but only when the music ends it starts there)

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