Audio files are not looping in firefox

Hi, most of my rooms have atmosphere looping sounds, and they all work fine in chrome but they do not loop in firefox. I have checked if it’s a limitation but cannot find anything concrete.
I would appreciate if you have any input about it or if I can fix it. Many thanks.

This is the action I use for it:

I have tried in different devices (cellphone, Pc’s, ipad) but it’s the same.

Sorry for my late reply but I believe after the support for flash ended, mp3 formats have no longer been supported as much on firefox based browsers. You’re best option if you are open to it is going for the .WAV extension but it isnt advised as found in the wiki.

So basically, (as far as I am aware) the only way to fix it is to host it on a site that can minimize the issue like (not completely sure that works) or use .WAV.

To conclude It’s usually better in the long run to use chrome as it is more versatile and has more people worldwide using it then firefox. Please tell me if you find another way to fix this issue or if anything here fixes it!

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That’s strange because I find Chrome to generally be slower for many games mad with and without GDevelop, and fewer audio glitches.

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