Audio files interfering with one another

So this ties to a post that I made almost 3 weeks ago where I made a bug report concerning sound getting worse: Game Over Sound Effect gets worse the further into the game I go

But basically I have two sounds that play in my game. One is a six second long opening theme that plays during the opening scene, the other is a three second long game over sound effect that plays when the player character dies. The problem is that these two audio files seem to interfere with one another.
Basically if I play the opening scene and continue into level 2 (note: each scene is a level), the sound will get worse the further into the level that I die, until eventually less than half of the audio file actually plays and it gets delayed. This doesn’t happen if I toggle the event that plays the opening theme during the opening, or if I don’t start on the opening scene. This also occurs no matter what kind of audio file it is (I’ve tried mp3, wav and aac).
Preloading sounds doesn’t seem to work either, and in fact seems to make things worse, as I did a test run with preloaded sounds without playing the opening theme and the sound cut of under the same circumstances mentioned earlier. There were some instances where, when using wav files I did manage to get the audio to work during level 2, but that seemed to work like an on and off switch, even if I didn’t make any other changes between each test run. I’ve tried playing them as sound files and/or music files and I’ve tried playing them on channels, with the opening on channel one and game over on channel 10.

I’m officially stuck, which is frustrating considering that I’m basically almost done. A part of me has even considered maybe just turning the opening into a mini trailer for the game before cutting it out, but that feels like I’d be sacrificing quality for convenience sake, which I don’t want to do after working on this for about a year. Is there any way that I can run multiple audio files without one ruining the other?

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Try this and come back here with info did it change anything

1 - for playing sounds use PLAY SOUND action
2 - for playing music use PLAY SOUND ON CHANNEL action
3 - convert your audio files to .aac for example with this

Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately that didn’t work. It was the same as last time.

When did this problem start? Was it after the newest update?

No, it started happening late May, but I ended up setting the issue aside to focus on level design.

So, since I last posted here, I decided to experiment a bit more, and decided to replace the opening theme with the same game over file that otherwise plays when you die, and got the same result.

So it would seem as though playing any audio in advance affects the quality and delay of any audio played afterwards. Don’t know if that means anything to anyone, but I figured I’d post what I’d found. I’ll continue doing what I can on my end.

When you run your game preview and toggle the develepor tools (ctrl shift i) are you seeing any errors relating to sound?