Auto Clicker Problem

I need help with trying to make a Auto tap feature in my auto clicker game
Basically when you buy this thing it’s supposed to make it where it Auto clicks

When the player buys the auto tap feature, start a timer.

In the event where you check if a tap was made, modify the conditions to it becomes “a tap was made” OR “timer > some interval”, and reset the timer if the auto clicker as been purchased.

could you explain further because I am currently experiencing problems

are you able to explain this further?

Right remember when i showed you how to create a click counter.Remember it and use the global variable.For this.Also create a boolean variable named auto clicker.

thank you but what about when clicking the button to unlock the Auto Clicker?

Yes im sorry i forgot

Please forgive me

its okay but thanks for helping me

for some reason this did not work

This is what you’re after:

This won’t work - if Auto_clicker is true, the timer will be reset every frame, and never reach the 0.5 seconds.

where do you get the scene variable?

what type of variable is dollars

Check out the GDevelop documentation on scene variables

As for dollars, because it’s being incremented by 1 it has to be a number variable. But I just put it there as an example, so you’d know that’s where the action is for the click condition.

Oh my god im so stupid i apologize for my careless mistake. I feel like a noob now. :disappointed: :disappointed:

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