Auto-Climb Ledge and Points in Animation

Hi everyone,
I’ve tried looking around the web for this but somehow I don’t find any answer.
Anyone know how to do Auto-climb for platformer?

Like if you play Tomb Raider and Lara is at the edge of the clip, it automatically grab it and climb(or press button) the ledge.
I know at the preset of platformer behavior we already have it but it as far as I know require the player to jump, and with my limited knowledge I don’t know to set it so that the player play the climb animation and move to the top of the platform by animation.

And also another question , While I tried to do the climb thing, I notice that somehow the Point on the animation setting did not flip ? anyone can confirm this? I forget to take screenshot of it but the basically, while I tried to set the animation fit the point and the edge of the platform, it works. but once I tried from the other side(flipped) the point stay and didnot flip, so the animation hang around the point which is in blank air?

any insight, or nudge in the right direction is appreciated. have a nice day. :smiley:

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Hello friend, I am also working something like that and I saw an example in the web. We all know that Gdevelop’s platformer behaviour have ledge grab as default setting. (1) Prototype Hero - Update 1.2 - YouTube this is the platformer character example I saw. But first I would advice you to research “Gothicvania” which is a really simple platformer example game. In that game there is rectangle named hitbox is being controlled by player not the animation sprites! You just put animations on the hitbox rectangle.

Hi wulf thanks for the reply, I know about that example and at the moment I also tried to implement such FSM to the project, not as advanced as the example of course but I tried.

The thing is I stuck with the event on making the hitbox moving to the top(automatically) while the animation played(Idk, its just how my brain interpret it).

What I would do to fix your problem is
1-hard way: While playing animation move the origin point to estimated position (not recommended)
2-easy way: Play the animation then delete that instance and create new idle instance.

I’ll take a look more I guess, or just dont have it now.

I tried your suggestion, somehow doesnt work.
im not sure. I’ll try again in the morning I guess.

Thanks man

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