Auto email sending

Hello guys. Since i am an absolute begginer i am asking for your help. Ia there any way to have a button in the game that, If it’s pressed by the player, it automatically sends me an email with certain info?

I want to do a prize redeeming part so If the user redeems his prize i will get informed so i can send the prize.

Thank You in advance!

Fullt automatic and behind the scenes? Nope. The best you could do would be building a mailto: link with the info you want predefined. But that is just going to open the users default mail client with a new message.

They are still going to see the message and all of the content in it, and still have to hit send.

Ok that can be a solution for me but do You mind giving me a step-by-step?

I don’t have a step by step I can really give you. I think you’ll need to use the “Open a URL” action, with a mailto: address you construct outside of the engine entirely.

Here’s a simple mailto: builder

Thank You very much for all the info!

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