Auto jump for enemies

Hi, good day. Is it possible to make my enemies jump automatically on every edge? Like you don’t need to put a collision something to every edge.

I just need it because if the enemies are chasing the player they don’t jump when a box or a platform object blocks them and they left out there.

All of my enemies are platformer characters.

Alternatively, you can add an ImagePoint for each enemy by placing it in front and below. Now add a check that if this point does not intersect with the object (it turns out to be further abyss) activate the jump.

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Yeah but that’s a lot of work. My game’s map has thousands of edges. I just wonder if there’s a faster way than that like detection of edges. If not, I have no choice but to do it that way.

I think what @E1e5en meant is, create a point for your Enemy

and check if that point is intersecting with the Platform
and Simulate a Jump Key
And finally, the events would be like this:

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As @Muzan suggests, I was really talking about adding logic to opponents. The only thing, in the description of @Muzan, I would change the position of the point and place it in front of the enemy’s movement. But it depends on the type of enemy, the platform and our behavior settings.