Automatic saving

Pls does anyone know how I can configure my game to save automatically, that is if u exit the game, u can load it back to where u stopped

Depends on the type of game you have,you might need to just save some variables or positions of game assets.

It just a game that needs auto saving, that is, if people exit the game, they can load back to where they stopped before it was exited

I don’t think that’s quite what mustyoziey12 meant.

You have to build your own methods around what data you want to save, and how you’re going to load it. So it depends on what “loading back to where they stopped” means. If you just mean “load the level they were on”, you will need to store the current level as a variable, save that, then load the saved variable upon the game starting up.

Refer to the Filesystem and Storage events: File system [GDevelop wiki]
Storage action explained [GDevelop wiki]

and the Save Load example on the Examples Page: