Autosave bugs gdevelop

Hello I am really pissed off becuase this hasn’t happened to me once, but it happens to me so many times.

So I am working on my project 5 - 8 hours per day and sometimes the gdevelpp crashes which is normal because I am using my pc for a long period of time.
But I always save my projects every seconds but when it crashes and the develop app becomes white, when I close it it says that the develop app has a backup saved but I always do save my project so I don’t need those. But if I cancel the offer of that autosave it says an error so I need to accept the offer. But If I do. The project I get or the file is back to 8 hours ago when I started working so I am really pissed off because this happened to me a lot of time. I am just wasting my time and energy because of that bug. So please fix this bugs or put an option to disable auto save because I hate it so much. I hate it because instead of helping me save when it crashes it doesn’t help at all it goes back to where I started. So waste of time please help. Sorry for my english.

I’m sorry you are experiencing this issue. A few things:
A. If your gdevelop is crashing regularly, thats not normal at all and is unlikely to be related to autosave (see B)
B. Autosave only saves when you preview, and only if you have hardsaved a project at least once since starting it. It isn’t something constantly saving, so if your last preview was 8 hours before, that is when your autosave occurred.
C. If you want, you can disable autosave. It is in your gdevelop preferences, third option from the bottom.

As far as the actual crashing, that could be dozens of things, and without a way to reliably reproduce it, the contributors may not be able to help. Is there anything in particular that you are commonly doing when it happens? Dragging a lot of events in the event sheet? Using certain event types?

Hello when I disable the auto save on preview not it’s not saving anymore when I close the app and open later it shows that gdevelop has an autosave file but when I say okay it now shows my recent work and my current work is now gone!!!
Please help me with this I’ve been working 8 hours per day and nothing change my work since last week becuase of this!! Please please please helpp me and help me how to disable this auto save by gdevelop becasue it;s not helping at all!!!

You still have your last autosave file in your folder. Just go to the project folder and delete the file with autosave in the name.

This is now a duplicate of Bugs about auto save. Closing thread.