B101 height and width

Just a few quick thoughts.

The “Platformer” starter game has a Ladder Sprite and Object, but it is not used.

We have no Spite/̵T̵i̵l̵e̵d̵ ̵S̵p̵r̵i̵t̵e̵ condition for height and width.

Tween animations have no action for height and width.

The “Change platform type” action could have a dropdown menu instead of an input field.

There is no platform type condition.

When I add an object to an object-group, the object-name is inserted into the search field and I have to delete it before I can continue working.

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Added for the next update.

Thank you i’ve never noticed this, I’ll add it!

This selector need to be reworked a bit for allow to use the expression button and allow the dropdown list and allow to write any value in the text feild.
Currently if we add the dropdown list, the expression button gone, like the bounce type n behavior, btw the text feild is always working with expressions even if the button isn’t present.

I’ve already reported this, like we have one more contributor i’ll bump this issue.


We only have an “animation speed scale” action.
An action and condition for animation speed would be cool.
To read, set, add/sub an exact value.

It would be a better user experience if the menu buttons (open layer editor, etc.) were toggle. Then the hover info can be shorter and larger text size.

When we zoom with the mouse wheel in hit boxes, animation previews, etc. it zooms in the wrong direction/different directions than the scene editor.

The window for the expression selection is unnecessarily small. It’s extra annoying because the scroll bar is very slim and with mouse wheel scrool it skips over entries.
350px more height would be good.
It’s the same in the old and new editor.
On FullHH resolution:

This can be done with an extension.

It would be a better user experience if the menu buttons (open layer editor, etc.) were toggle.

I agree, i have already ask for it.

Correction in progress, soon fixed.

I agree too, but this is done for small screen :confused: I’ll suggest something for enlage on big screen.

But many other things e.g. the list of actions fit with the resolution even if smaller than 1080p.
If that doesn’t work at this one point, I think GD could also check the used screen resolution and set two different heights.

What do you think about sorting varibals?
With drag and drop or simply with the context menu.
Maybe the same for objects in object-groups.

Rename scenes in the Project Manager like Event groups, would be nice. And double click to open the scene.
The current behavior is unexpected for me, even after 2-3 years.
I would also remove “Add a New Scene” from the context menu, there is a button right there.

Everything not very important, but maybe someone is interested.

The modifications for an bigger expression selector is in work in progress.

For the rest i can’t communicate on it, i don’t know the choices made by the dev.

The new “Device has a touchscreen” condition is also true in the Pc preview, itchio web, etc.