Back Button

Is there another way of creating a go back button without using a “Go back to previous scene” block? Because in my case, I only used one scene for the main game, help, credits and startup. I did this so the music will continue playing.

P.S. I tried using Global variables, but it became messed up. :frowning:

In case you mean you have been using external layouts, all you need to do is reload the same scene using the "Change the scene " action end enter the name of the scene you want to go to. If you enter the name of the same scene, it will reload the scene and use globals to set what layout to load at the beginning of the scene.

In case you have been using layers, that’s not the way to do it normally.

In the scene properties you can set to stop music at the beginning or not you can also use events to stop a music. If you uncheck the box in scene properties and you don’t stop the music at the end of the previous scene and at the beginning of the next scene, the music should continue playing.

You should be able to make each screen of your game a separated scene with no problems and try to use scene variables instead of globals. Use globals only for things that need to be stored temporary and need to be shared between scenes. For things that need to be stored, saved permanently I normally save it at the end of each scene and load it at the beginning (read write file or storage). It is slower than reading and writing the memory with globals, but in case you do need to load saved data at the beginning of a scene anyway, then just do that instead of using globals.