Background application (aplicacion en segundo plano)

Hello, I’m making an incremental game in which variables increase over time, and I’d like you to keep increasing along with the user being out of the app on mobile devices, does anyone know how? Thanks ^^

Hola, estoy haciendo un juego incremental en el que las variables van aumentando con el paso del tiempo, y me gustaría que estas sigan aumentando a la par de que el usuario halla salido de la aplicacion en dispositivos moviles, alguien sabe como? Gracias ^^

You cannot.
But there is still a way to make your game work. When exiting the game, you can store the current time using the Time expression and storage actions. Then, once the game starts, you can get the time of the last opening, compare it with current time, calculate how much should have been added to the variable in the meantime and add it to the variable (for example if it normally increases of 1 per second you add each elapsed second) .