Background Following Player Problem

I’m Having a Hard Time Trying To Make the Camera Follow The player Tried All types of Methods To Do so And I Tried The Layers Method But Everytime I’m Trying To Move The Player Character He Gets Stucked in The Middle of The Screen and Then After a Few Seconds He Moves Again I Really Didn’t Like that

also here’s the Game’s File:My project3 - Google Drive

Instead of just diving in and providing your project code, how about you give us a screen snip of what you’re currently doing - so of the events that make the camera follow your player and scrolling the rest other layers (if you’re doing that).

It may be something straight forward that we can help with.

here also sorry for replying soo early I was having lots of circumstances these days

I think it’s working correctly. You are centring the camera on the player, but with limits.

From the events, I’m guessing that when the player gets to the middle of the screen, the camera starts to follow. If there are no other objects around, it will appear that the player isn’t moving. Remember the camera centres on the player. So although the player is moving on the layer, the camera is centred on it and it appears motionless. When the camera gets to the limit, it stops moving with the player, and the player will appear to move.

I suggest you put a few objects on the same layer as the player, and see what happens.

Also, if you have a background layer, you’ll need to move the camera for that too. You can repeat the “Center the camera on Ahmedberserker” action, but set the layer to the one you use for the background

Can you send me screenshot on how that is done so I could get the picture correctly?

In your project, add the extra camera centring on BackGround_Repeat to see that there is movement :

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I see thanks bro
you made the task easier for me