Background music repeating when returning to previous scene

I plan for the music to keep playing as the player clicks on the main menu until they eventually start a new game. However, whenever I return to a previous scene, the music will loop itself, even when loop has been turned off. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

(note: i used a different song so the loop is heard more clearly)

is it fixable? thank you in advance!

When you return to a previous scene, all events are run again. Trigger once would still occur again because the scene has started again.

A few things you’ll want to do:

  1. Use the “at the beginning of the scene” event instead of “Trigger once”. If you’re pausing your main scene when going to other scenes, this will mostly fix the issue as a Resumed Scene is not at the beginning again.
  2. Use the “Play a sound on a channel” actions, not “Play music” actions. The sound events are for sound files, not just sound effects, and use a different method of playing audio that is more applicable for most use cases. By using a channel (This can be any number you decide), you can also use the condition “Sound on Channel YOurnumber here is playing” (inverted) on your event, which will stop it from playing again if the sound is already playing.
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I got it now, tysm!! :smile: