BackGround Not working

Hello guys do you know how to make a background on mobile? Because on mobile when I use tiled sprite background it doesn’t work it just black/white and if not, it’s blurry.
The background works perfectly on computer.
Can anyone help me? Or can anyone explain why and how this happens?
on mobile:

on computer:

It’s difficult to say the problem without knowing what’s going on. Could you share some events please?

There’s no event for the background, I just use it as tiled sprite and expand it larger.

I just got the picture from google.

Is this through a mobile browser? I initially had this problem, too, then found out on mobile devices images over a certain megapixel amount don’t display due to memory issues.

That is facebook instant games. Do you know how to fix this bro?

Hmm… strange screenshot.
Is the game working fine aside from that? :thinking:
How is it working in network preview on mobile?
No layer effects on those objects?
Did you try another smartphone?
Did you try playing the instant game on your computer?